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What to Pack on a Mountain Bike Ride

Packing List for a Mountain Bike Ride

No, you do not need to pack an extra pair of pants. Here are the tried and trued necessities before getting on the saddle

Note: The first couple items are about punctures. Getting a flat tire is a part of the ride. Some people ride without this stuff but getting a flat with no way to fix it is #sad. If you learn one bike skill, changing a tube is the one to know.

1. Tube: To replace a tube if you get a flat tire on the trail.

2. Pump: Just a little hand pump will do. Something that is as light as possible but will still put air in a tube.

Ex. Birzman Velocity Apogee Road RG Mini Pump with in-Line Gauge

3. Tire Levers: Sometimes getting the tire off is a pain. Tire levers can help you take off the tire from the rim and snap it back on.


Patch Kits and Tire Plugs: I have never really had any luck with this stuff, but it works for some people!

4. Water Bottle: Fun fact, humans are 70% water. Hydration is important to our existence. For a ride 2 hours or less, I usually snag a Gatorade bottle. If it is hot out, around a litre. Dehydration and passing out sucks in the bush….

5. Snack: Riding is hard work! I usually go for something light and sugary. Welch’s Fruit Snacks? GOATED. Cliff Energy Blocs and Honey Stingers are also great for sugar lows on the trail.

6. Communication Device: I carry both an iPhone, and a Garmin Inreach in case of emergencies. Make sure you have some sort of communication for Plan B if something goes wrong.

7. A bit of Toilet Paper: Try and sync your “schedule” accordingly, but occasionally nature calls when you are out in nature. Do not pack a whole roll unless you want to carry extra weight, be made fun of by your riding companions, or are out on a multi-day excursion. Approximately 6 squares should be adequate.

8. The Brain: You are going to be in the outdoors, and it is important to make smart decisions. Make sure you tell someone what trails you are riding, where you are, and what time to expect you back. That way if there is an emergency, people will know where to look! I often use Trailforks (a trail database site) to send my parents my exact trail plans…however as long as people could find where you are in a pinch it’s whatever works for you.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bring on all my rides! Subscribe to see what else we got coming down the pipeline.

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