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Welcome to Bikes N' Hikes; where we will make stepping outside your comfort zone and into the wild seem more attainable than ever. Whether your adventure goal is to survive your first day-hike ever or cycle across Canada, we hope to spark your creative and inner explorer, through some tips, tricks, and advice from young, Canadian adventurers and their successful or not so successful stories. 

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- Mel, Alyssa & Hugh 

Melissa Wong

Toronto, ON

A huge part of why I love cycling is to enjoy the outdoors! Be it the absolute stillness of the world at sunrise, cool rock formations or colourful sunsets, I love that my bike takes me to so many places I likely would've never otherwise seen!

Favourite Outdoor Memory: 

Going for a ride while at training camp in North Carolina strictly to get donuts! Incredibly scenic route, great riding pals, and THE BEST donuts I have ever had. Had a massive smile on my face the entire time. I was so lucky to be able to enjoy what North Carolina's outdoors has to offer with my friends!


Coquitlam, BC

I actually used to hate the outdoors, because I hate mosquitos, and mosquitos love me and the outdoors. But, my parents were both mountaineers and avid hikers so... I got tricked into liking it.  

Like what they say about Finance or Calculus: it’s all a mind trick. If you tell yourself you like it, you’ll sometimes actually start to like it. 

(except I still don't like finance OR calculus... Still working on that)

Favourite Outdoor Memory: 

Swam in a lake filled with glacial icebergs during an 8-day backpacking trip through Glacier National Park in Montana. Thought my heart stopped but it didn’t! --> thank god

Alyssa Lee

Langley, BC

For the last ten years, I've been heavily involved in outdoor activities. If all that  I've learned could be summed up in a series of quotes, it would be as follows: "Respect the send", "The separation is in the preparation", "Welch's fruit snacks are the nectar of the gods", and "Type 2 fun is the best fun". See? Look at all that valuable information. I'll keep you posted (literally) on adventure how to's and interviews.

Favourite Outdoor Memory: 

Climbing Mt. Weart: Waking up next to a glacier lake, grinding up the worst shale of my life to the nicest view I'd ever seen. Then doing the inevitable 9000 feet descent back to the car. My poor knees. I'd say it was the perfect ratio of epic and sucking. It's often a fine line.


Hugh Brown